Bordeaux Away

The first league game of the season has come and gone. Despite last weeks victories against Maille, it was with a sense of trepidation that we left the rain swept car park at Mansle, en-route to Bordeaux.


Through rain, storm and flood we continued our epic journey, cursing “Captain Sou’wester” and his play at all cost mentality, he had even removed the windscreen wipers from his car, so he could pretend it was not raining! When we finally arrived at the Chateau after a tour of Bordeaux’s finest roundabouts, it was still raining gently, but the skies offered hope. There was much activity from the Bordeaux players as they attempted to get some sort of area to play on.


The game proceeded, with Mansle having been put into bat, where we  were greeted by a hostile spell of bowling, players being struck on the body and helmets. We battled on through this and with 29 from Ajmal, we got to 70. Enter “Fiery Fred” and “Rampaging Remi” their spell of bowling reduced Bordeaux to 28 for 7. Unfortunately we could not press home our advantage and the home side got the runs only losing one more wicket. Good game, much enjoyed and well played the men of Mansle.

A’l fresco changing rooms


Beautiful Grounds, despite “photo bomber”


Pictures courtesy of Elwood Bruise, available for Weddings, Bar-mitzvah’s and adult only sites.


Mike’s Corner Part 2

Anyone who knows Mike (Elwood Bruise) Pursell, has come to realise, there is something strange going on in his head, having said that, the 4hours going to and from Bordeaux on Sunday, were amongst the most entertaining I have spent! Below is a selection of Elwood’s ramblings this week.

Hi All. Here are some photos from yesterday and a few from LBW Alley, sorry Maille. Great effort yesterday, we had ’em. This is NOT criticism but we need to look at a few areas to make us better, top order batting (and this includes me) we need to toughen up and get some runs on the board and give the bowlers something to bowl at. Bowlers you can’t give the opposition 18 wides, this equals 18 runs (one quarter of Bordeaux score) also 3 extra overs. This is league cricket you don’t give the oppo anything! Their captain made a big mistake by trying to give everyone a game and bowled some of his weaker bowlers, if it was me I would have kept the opening bowlers on and mopped up the tail. Win the game first. Perhaps this is something we can look at in the future? This is PRAISE, “Firey Fred Latter” this man was possessed yesterday, the bus journey must have worked! Remy bowled beautifully but didn’t get the reward he deserved. Ajmal for bashing a sound 29, it’s a pity we couldn’t give him some support apart from Juszy at the time a useful 9 and Jamie picking a good time to break his catching “duck” holding onto a sharp catch round the corner. This is THE LEG PULLING PART. As we are aware some of the team yesterday are off to test their cricketing skills in Kent/Sussex on Tour, to my knowledge the leaving point is a McDonalds in Piotiers sometime this Friday coming, could someone remind Remy it’s this Friday and not 4.56 pm yesterday as he went off on his holidays from first slip to leg slip? Please find attached some photos and Paul you better hope Chelsea win Wednesday night as I have a photo of you with your flannels round your ankles, we wouldn’t want that to fall unto the “Big Boys of Vienne” website with your mobile number attached.

Hi Skip. Can you forward your mobile phone number, here is mine 06 04 45 48 49. If the game is call off during my epic journey to Mansle please let me know ASAP. Great idea to drop Tom, he wasn’t much use anyway, just a bit of bowling fodder in the nets. Also can you tell JC Latter to stop whinging about public transport, being so far away I’m looking for connecting flights with Ryanair! Regards. Elwood Bruise.

Mike’s Corner

The Ark of Mansle

Is it me or did anyone else catch the latest BBC Drama The Ark on Monday night? Did Noah have a striking resemblance to our El Presidenti (Joe) or not? Are you hiding something from us Joe, with your building skills and connections the new clubhouse should be a doddle, a floating clubhouse who else has one of them?! If I was captain I would pick Joe for every game, think about it if things aren’t going well during the game just give the nod to Joe and hey presto bad weather (not that would stop Captain Must Play). So beware all if you see Joe turn up with a saw and chisel,.. its going to rain. Given your heavenly connections Joe (or Noah) any tips for Saturday Night? Yours begging a berth on the Ark.