Sunday’s Match

Do not forget to let Garry know if you are available for this Sunday, by Wednesday night please.



Great net session yesterday, enjoyed by all of us, nets in perfect place with lots of shade, for the bowlers anyway!! Thanks Garry and Tom for organising them.

Wonder if he wants a game for Mansle!

Suffolk Teenage Cricketer Breaks Records and Out Scores Sir Garfield Sobers and Yuvraj Singh

Many cricket lovers will remember with affection the immortal Garfield Sobers hitting 6 sixes in an over; younger watchers may have seen Yuvraj Singh achieve the same feat. Not many people were able to witness Jamie Lee hitting 11 sixes in 12 balls.

Jamie Lee, 18, normally plays for Mildenhall Cricket Club’s First Xl but was playing for the Second Xl because of a shoulder injury; he is, in fact, known as a bowler which, say Will and Guy, makes the story all the more remarkable.

‘Luckily, my shoulder injury didn’t affect my batting,’ the teenager from Suffolk, England, cricketer told us with a broad smile. In the first over, Jamie thrashed all six deliveries from a spin bowler over the boundary. In the next over, Jamie, again, faced a spin bowler: this time he swung at the first ball – and missed; however, he middled the next five, chalking up 66 runs in just 12 balls. Incredible.

Jamie, who scored a further five sixes in his 132 not out, commented, ‘I smashed most of the sixes straight over the bowler’s head. It was a brilliant feeling. There were some polite claps when I got my first six and then the excitement mounted. People were cheering on the boundary and when I got my sixth six in a row, they just went mental.’

Not surprisingly his batting led Mildenhall to a swift victory: they beat the 208 runs knocked up by Walsham-le-Willows in a mere 13 overs – absolutely incredible.


Captains Log Stardate 26-06-2015

Bless you all. This is your victory!

In all our long history we have never seen a greater day than this.
Every man has done their best.
Everyone has tried.
Neither the long years, nor the dangers, nor the fierce attacks of the enemy,
have in any way weakened the unbending resolve of the Mansle Cricket Club.

Bring on Damazan.

Nets this week for everyone, except those who feel they are playing well enough to not need the practice.

Please let me know that you can attend!!

I will allow loss of limb or life as an excuse for not attending, but will need proof.

St Aulaye the victory!

St Aulaye was the scene for our first league victory in over 3 years, but we were pushed all the way! St Aulaye batted first but quickly lost one of there openers to Kamran (2-29), who produced one of the quickest and most hostile spells I have seen, since starting to play cricket in France. He was well supported by the rest of the bowlers, but the pick were, Fred (3-18) and Garry (3-27). The fielders also turned in a brilliant display, taking some excellent catches, which meant we restricted the home side to 114 all out in 23 overs.

After the rousing team talk from Joe at the tea break, our mighty warriors strolled out to bat (well Paul and Garry) and all was well with both going along nicely and 30 odd on the board, when the curse of the 10 over drinks break struck, both Paul and Garry(23) were dismissed in successive overs, quickly followed by Ajmal. We then had a period with Tom and Fred trying to get the ball away, but excellent bowling and field placement, restricted scoring opportunities. When Tom was out, Andy tried to force the score along, but unfortunately fell victim to a catch in the deep. This was followed by a small “toys out” episode from Andy (now known as Toy Story 2), when Fred finally fell, this brought the mighty Kamran(23 not out) and Justin(21 not out) together. Kamran showed his cricket brain was working overtime, engineering the strike and running quick singles to keep the board ticking, it was a close run thing, but off the first ball of the last over, Justin smashed the ball for 4 and victory was finally ours.

Photo by Sarah, available for all your Avant-Garde, Surrealist and Animal photography requirements.

Mighty Mansle

Mighty Manse

Victory at Last!

Finally the day came, after more than 3 years Cricket Club de Mansle finally tasted victory in the league. I will post a more in depth match report later, but we bowled brilliantly and restricted St Aulaye to 114. We made hard work of it, but Kamran and Justin saw us home, with Justin scoring the winning boundary. Comment of the day came from Club President Joe, during the tea break, his inspirational speech consisted of, “now lads do not f**k it up”. Nearly did, but we got there!! Pictured below are some of the Mansle players who engineered this victory, Phil, Ajmal and Kamran had slopped off early (some excuse about Ramadan), James had wanted a beer, but as Phil was driving, had no choice!

Not to forget our vailent scorer and team photographer, Sarah, who is behind the lens.

Some of the Victorious Players

Some of the Victorious Players

Eymet at Mansle Boating Lake!

Where Damazan was scorching, Mansle was not, most of us ending up with terminal rust! The game was ruined by the wet weather, but both teams kept going gamely through the downpours. Batting first, Eymet reached 139 in 27 overs, which was later revised to 114 of 22 overs, rain and a flock of migrant swans then caused a break in play. Everyone bowled well in trying conditions, but Phil was the only one to have any success, with his first ball!

After another long rain break, Mansle batted, but could not maintain the required run rate, Paul scored a few, Tom hit the first six of the day, followed shortly by Garry with a huge six, that nearly landed in the rubbish skip! Unfortunately wickets tumbled and we were all out for 51. As they say in the Armed Forces “SNAFU”.


Captains Log Star Date 16-06-2015

Hi Guys,

Tough game on Sunday, but well done to you all we kept going right to the end.

Not sure what we can do about our batting, we showed we can bat and hit some nice shots, one day it will all click and we will score 300!!!

We bowled well and the score to get was do able for us.

2 more chances at the first league win, St Aulaye this week, please can you all let me know if you are available, but please bring your “A” Game, and if it helps glue two bats together!!

thanks guys

Please let Garry know, ASAP your availability for this Sunday.