Mike’s Corner (Pramgate (toys everywhere!))

For those unlucky enough not to be at Sunday’s great game, let me first set the scene, so Mike’s Corner makes some sense!

Paul frustrated at getting out to the last ball of the openers spell, had a slight “wobbly” and tossed his bat and helmet around. No small creatures were harmed during this process.

A ball passed Mike by and mistakenly I the Bionic Man (I was supposed to be, but there was cut backs, so a reel of Gaffer tape and some twine was used) called his mobility into question and offered to change places with him! Naturally I got the response I deserved, once again, sorry Mike. As for the race, I was thinking full Iron Man, or in our case Iron Lung!!!!

As for Mike’s catch, he is underselling himself, there was a back flip and a full pike in there as well!


Now Mike’s bit.

Hi Paul et All.

I forgive you Paul, after doing all the hard work and looking solid getting out to the bowlers last delivery it must have been difficult,… But nevertheless you shall now be known as ” Toys out Allen”! Speaking of short bowlers did you see my man Jake? Exhibition bowling F&G always gets sloggers. I noticed during the game my mobility was called into question? Why? I still have gravity on my side falling down is not a problem, I concede that movement at high velocity has past me by, but how nice it was that my fellow spin twin offering to do my running in the field this led to a moment of madness on my part by challenging a fellow athlete to a race, Jake and I haven’t decided the length of the race, half marathon, full marathon or triathlon?? Watch this space.
Lots of pluses from the game, if we’re not careful we’re going to beat someone, Kamran (Dave) bowled just what you want from your opening bowler quick and aggressive, then coming back in his second spell and removing a key batsman, spot-on. Fred bowled with great heart as always but contained himself to one wicket, it was a good in-swinger though. Skipper came on and probably swung in to much! Now the rest is history, Jake come on, say no more.
Can I point out I’m surprised if not upset that no one congratulated me on my full length diving one handed catch with toe loop at gully? Mobility eat your heart out.

Good to see the top order coming to town all chipping in, worked wonders getting rid of skip.
We need Ajmal to play thirty minutes rather then 30 runs right now, yesterday after the main strike bowling had finished their overs they have no bowling left,.. But we were always a batsman short. Speaking of short batsman “Dave the Sledge” seeing him march out to the wicket with great purpose and determination was a joy to behold he gave inspiration to all with his business like manner for getting the job done. On receiving his first delivery he hit the wicket with such force with his bat that he disturbed something in his back region rendering him in need of immediate medical attention, sorry Sledge I had too laugh.

MOM Kamran, champagne moment? Ellwood Jr coming down the track and hitting the bowler over his head,.. it’s a dad thing.

Well done everyone, Becks & Sarah for scoring Joe for Umpiring (gave me out, I was plum though). Team spirit unquestioned.

Three go camping in Damazan this week, the cricket pitch is right next to the campsite. If your interested let me known and I will do my best to organise.



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