Eymet Away, Siddalls Cup

The day started badly, as we were held up for 35 mins by Ajmal (the late) he had a bad night, still recovering from Ramadan, so forgiven, just! Paul’s satnav decided to try a new route, “worst roads in the Charente” we finally arrived at Eymet, on one of the hottest days of the year, with 10 mins to go before the start time. So still pulling on items of cricket gear, we took to the field, I will not mention the toss as this has become a sensitive subject with Garry (but he lost again). We started well with veteran bowler Phil (2) taking a wicket with the first ball of the game and came close to removing the other opener, with an edge that flew between slip and keeper. We continued to take wickets Fred (3), Remi (1) and Leo (2), who produced a brilliant spell of bowling. Unfortunately with the quick outfield the home side scored boundaries at will and reached an impressive 198.

Again our innings started well, despite loosing Ajmal early doors, we were well up with the run rate. Garry (45) batted brilliantly and was well support by our overseas player Alex (13), however once these two were out, we steadily lost wickets and only Andy (24 not out) provided any resistance, we were all out for 133. Well thats the cup for another year, but next week it is the Twenty-Twenty, at the glorious (MCG) Mansle Cricket Ground, so who knows! Allez Mansle!!


Victorious again!

On Sunday the 12th of July we entertained Damazan, who had beaten us fairly easily when we went there. But with our new found optimism after the victory over St Aulaye, we went into battle with our swords (cricket bats) held high. Garry was not letting on if he had won or lost the toss, but Damazan batted first, so draw your own conclusions. The visitors were soon in trouble losing both openers to the guile of Phil, although Kamran’s (1) pace troubled the visitors it was the introduction of Remi (3-48) who made inroads into the middle order despite a great knock from Damazan captain Gaygan. Fred and Garry (1) bowled well but the return of Phil (4-17) ripped the heart out of the lower order. Specialist one over bowler Andy, weaved his magic again to take the final wicket, leaving us to chase 169, for victory on a very quick outfield.

Despite the early setback of losing Paul to an unplayable delivery (that’s what he told me) we never looked in trouble, Garry (26), Tom (24) and Fred (18 not out) all contributed valuable runs, but yet again, Kamran was the star of the show with 67 not out and 3 catches. This was a great game played in the right spirt with plenty of banter, from both sides, although Dave showed the way by “sledging” in three languages and that did not include “Anglo-saxon”!

A big thank you to Alison and Joe who umpired extremely well and fairly and to Kay for all her hard work getting the tea sorted. Also thanks to Mike (Elwood) Pursell for the pictures.

Mansle the Victorious!

Mansle the Victorious!

Mike’s Corner

Two of the pictures Mike took on Sunday, came with captions, so here they are:

Ajmal explaining to Dave the size of his kebab later that night,..I don't think Dave believes him!

Ajmal explaining to Dave the size of his kebab later that night,..I don’t think Dave believes him!

"Dad watch out for that ridge"! Oh no too late "you never listen".

“Dad watch out for that ridge”! Oh no too late “you never listen”.

Poole of Thought

We have a new guest Blogger today, David Poole, valuable member of Mansle Cricket Club, Business Mentor, part time poacher (he has been known to scramble eggs as well) and is strongly rumoured to be the original Stig.

London Buses

You have been patiently waiting for the bus and then 2 turn up at the same time, how often have you come across this? Well for our beloved Mansle CC its taken 3 years. Yes we have won friendlies but for the last 3 seasons we have been the whipping boys…but not any more.

The team that took the field today against Damazan could be described as 11 individuals, but those 11 came together as a team, supporting each other and each playing their part in a highly effective team performance.

When we bowl its not just about running it up and sticking it in, we are clicking, we bowl to a field and you know what..? We take catches. Ok Kamran dropped a stinker and Phil had a go at an evil attempt, but on the whole we field well. Its not just about catching but understanding where to field, and supporting the bowlers.

Today despite Damazan getting a streaky 169, the bowlers worked as a unit with Phil getting through his 8 overs so quickly we thought it was 6 which was backed up with some quick stuff from Kamran, Fred and Remi…who took a wonderful diving catch. I guess thats the only good thing to come out of Aussie cricket for the week.

Though Skip was berated, and challenged on more than one occasion, he managed to fend off the need to bowl David (yes thats me) but David did single handedly take sledging to new epic proportions both on and off the pitch. (I really want an award for this effort)
At one time successfully cursing the opponents in 3 languages, much to the delight of Mike who was safe guarding “Dictionary Corner”…Thats the scorers.

So we came off the pitch after completing almost 40 overs, wickets were shared, and we had some good banter with the tail end of Damazan who played in a super spirit.
Amongst the ranks though there was an air of disappointment, Tom was most notable in saying we gave them 30-40 runs too many, and no one disagreed. That is one big turning point for Mansle, it wasn’t long ago when we were happy to have a kept a team lower than 200.

With us going into bat I have to be honest and say our batsmen were brilliant and made it look easy. Great supporting knocks from Garry, Tom, Ajmal and Fred, paving the way for “Dave” Kamran to smash his way to a 50 and seal the game with 5 overs to spare. If we had batted first 200 would have been on the board that is for sure. Just a shame Paul fell to ball which pitched a foot outside the off stump and into the ridge…but what can you do to those?

Overall it was a great day, and an achievement that everyone contributed to.
Before I sign off, special thanks needs to be given to our brilliant umpires who in my opinion are very fair and also to Kay and everyone else who made us super teas.

Team Against Damazan

Team for this week

Garry, Paul, Ajmal, Tom, Kamran, Fred, Andy, Remi, Phil, Dave, Leo

as normal, this is our batting order, lets all go out there and do our best, enjoy the day, and hope it all comes together for this final League game.

Sorry to those who haven’t made the team this week, our last League game and plenty of cricket to come this year. Feel free though to come and support the team.

please can you all be there for 12pm, early birds get the good jobs setting up, last to arrive gets the crap job.

Captains Log Stardate 07-07-2015

Hi Guys,

Excellent practice match on sunday, a competitive total of 160 put on by team “Tom’s Tit’s” including 35 from Tom, 34 from Rubesh, 22 from Leo, 17 from Dave, and fred chipped in with 8, and Remi with 2, excellent bowling from Paul, and Jason, with 3 wickets each, and one each for Garry and Kamran.

The chase was on then for ” Garry’s Gooley’s” the early loss of Justin was a great surprise, and all hopes seemed lost, but wait Dave and Jason then steadied the ship, getting 8 and 7 respectively, some good bowling from Tom’s Tit’s kept the score low, and after 10 overs Garry’s Gooley’s were well behind the run rate, having gone up from 6 to 9 an over. Enter Kamran 89 Not Out, who with the help of Paul 1st, scoring a quick 5 and then being bowled by Dave’s Mystery ball, ( sorry slow full toss) and then Garry 24 Not Out went on to get the runs needed in double quick time, with Kamran hitting 6’s and 4’s at will, excellent knock, the last 2 runs to win the game were close with a run out chance at the bowlers end, but Kamran made good ground.

A great game played in the normal great Mansle spirit, well done all who turned up, and to the chearleaders Mike and the Pursell’s.

Damazan are this weeks opponents and we need to show a better display of ourselves than last time, so please can you all let me know asap if you are available, wednesday evening at the latest.