Sorry for the late match report, bad knee has meant limited time at keyboard, which also means a brief match report, stop cheering!!

This was the return fixture against Maille and as always, they were splendid hosts, unfortunately due to the rain the pitch was very wet, with the bowlers run ups being a little tricky. Garry won the toss and elected to bat, despite the loss of two quick wickets, Mansle scored briskly with Garry and Paul sending the ball to all parts. Garry was finally dismissed for 64, Paul went on to score his second century not out, against Maille this year (they must be sick of the sight of him). Valuable runs were also added by Tom (22) and Andy (11), with Maille closing on 220.

Maille batsmen were no match for the strong bowling attack of Mansle, Andy 2-15, Ajmal 2-15 and Phil 2-12 were the pick of the bowlers, even Paul chipped in with a wicket off his only delivery!! There was also a brilliant run out by Remi, they should have known not to take his arm on. The home side finished on 88.


Wednesday Night Nets.

This week saw the inaugural Wednesday night net, although not well attended, the Puttock’s, Garry and Phil, it was a useful session, despite the setting sun! It is appreciated the distances you all need to travel, just for a net, but it is a good time to hone your batting and bowling skills, so come along if you can. Please check with Garry or Tom for start time.

Captains Log Stardate 21-08-2015

The season so far is going well, we have had 10 victories, which includes 2 in the league. An improvement from last year where we won 6 games, which again was a step forward from the previous season where we only had 2 successes.

Keep up the hard work everyone and keep pushing the club in the right direction, bring on Maille!

The game that never was

No match report this week, so here is a bit of nonsense to keep you going!

The sky was not blue and the sun did not shine, on the game that never was
Nor did two teams take the field, or Remi and Fred take four wickets apiece,
in the game that never was
Jay did not take two wickets or the home team slump to 103 all out,
in the game that never was
Garry’s score of 57 not out, or five ducks, were never in the book,
in the game that never was
The victory by one wicket or the drinks shared in the bar, never happened, in the game that never was
So was it a dream or was it real, the game that never was

Six a-side Tournament

The six a-side tournament is rapidly approaching on the 6th of September, even if you are playing we will still need help, umpiring, scoring, food preparation and cooking. I will need volunteers to help with BBQ, so let me know if you can give me a hand or help with something else on the day.




As I did not see this game, I would like to start with a caveat.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was a fine summers day, in early August, the sun beat down upon the earth with the same fury as a Spaniard striking his donkey, but this was no ordinary day, this was a day like no other, when the mighty forces of Mansle and Maille were to meet at a bend in the River Charente to fight for the ownership of the letters Mal and e. Midday was the chosen time for the forces to assemble, apart from the mighty Ajmal of the Khan, as he was always late. The battle would be fought as a game of cricket as both teams were fine exponents of this noble art. A coin was to decided who would take to the field first and a gold livre was flourished by the Maille captain who was well known as being slight of hand, flipping the double headed coin into the air, the Mansle champion Garry (Knight of Temple) called tails (he is known as a useless coin flipper) and so it was decided Mansle would bat first.

Ali (Dragon Stroker) and Garry strode to the wicket to a chorus of cheers and a fanfare (Mike had terrible wind), to face the first barrage from the Maille catapults. The first delivery was wide of the mark, the second was smoat to the boundary by Garry as cheers erupted from all corners, these were soon silenced as the next delivery saw him felled. He was quickly followed by Ali and silence fell on the hallowed arena. But all was not lost, Paul (Broken Axe) veteran of many a campaign was next into battle along with Rubesh a brave but inexperienced knight, who fought bravely but perished quickly. Maille were now confident, but this only saw the triumphant arrival of Andy (King of Burgers) who was not going to surrender without a fight, well not until the BBQ was alight. These two battled hard charging the opposition and smashing boundaries at will and scored a magnificent 184 between them, one of the finest partnerships ever witnessed on the battlefield of Mansle. When Andy (57) finally perished, first, James (The Sleepy (6)) then Tom (The Fury (14 not out)) helped Paul (116 not out) to a magnificent total of 267.

Refreshments were taken and many a slab of roast boar was washed down with mead and ale, then Maille walked onto the battlefield. Without the services of Phil (The Idiot) and Dave (The Jester) both injured in a previous skirmish, Garry turned to youth, Jason (Worm Polisher) and Kevin (The Grey Knight) to start the onslaught. Jason (2) struck quickly, removing the opening pair. Rubesh also struck and when James (2) removed the mighty Ajmal (of Khan) all seemed lost for Maille. Jonathan, Ian, Mike and David L all fought hard, but Kamran (the Quick), Fred (the Flame Haired) and Tom(2) saw Mansle to victory by 72 runs. Defeated, I (as they are now called) left with ale in hand, to plan the next encounter on the tiny battlefield at I.

San Sebastien

After the initial disappointment that we were not going on a road trip to Spain, I agreed to make the journey to the Creuse region, to bolster the depleted ranks to 8! Having watched the rain fall most of Saturday and with the rain steadily falling all the way there, we were amazed to find that the ground had not had the same quantity of rain and was (just about) playable. It was agreed we should bat first and opened with the seasoned opening partnership of Mike (Puttock) and Jason, Mike battled hard for his 3, before being fooled by the wickets variable bounce! This brought Garry to the crease who promptly smashed the ball to all parts, both in and out of the ground! When Garry finally fell for 73, Andy made a brief appearance, this brought Tom to the middle, he also set about the bowling and was unlucky to finish on 45 not out, just short of his maiden half century. However the star of the show was Jason who was finally out for 69 his best score for the club and hopefully the first of many 50’s to come. Fred then came out for the last few overs and remained undefeated with Tom, guiding us to a score of 211 for 4 in our 30 overs.

Ali and Phil opened the bowling, Tom hit the stumps to cause a run out in Ali’s first over, Phil took another wicket in his second. Garry then rotated his six bowlers and wickets steadily fell with Fred being the pick with 3 wickets. San Sebastien ended the day, unfortunately well short of the Mansle total, despite Ali having a bat for the them. The home side were great hosts, providing a great tea and a BBQ afterwards. Finally a big thank you to Brian and Mike (Pursell) who umpired throughout and to Sarah for her magnificent scoring (the things you do for love).


First of all let me apologise for the lack of match report for this game and the lack of Blog material, unfortunately my roving reporters have been too busy burning tyres, helping people into the back of lorries and throwing manure at cars at the Port of Calais to send me a match report, however I do hope to remedy that this week, with the assistance of Fred.

I hope in the absence of material you have all been enjoying Remi’s excellent Facebook Memes page.

Twenty Twenty

First of all sorry for the late Blog, had one of those weeks, been absolutely non stop.

St Aulaye

As St Aulaye arrived late, the game was reduced to 16 overs, we battled hard but could only get to 101, Garry top scored with 45 and Rubesh added a useful 33 not out. Too many short pitched balls were dispatched over the boundary and anything on the stumps was hit for 4! St Aulaye made short work of the total.


Bordeaux also took a liking to our bowling and posted 180 in 20 overs. Again we battled hard, with Paul returning to form and hitting 65, we got to 128.

Positives are, we scored at more than 6 an over in both games, we were not bowled out in either game.

Sunday is a home friendly against Maille, so an opportunity to return to winning ways.