Captains Log Stardate 24-09-2015

It is not unknown to you, gentlemen, what disasters have befallen here while we were busy with Poitiers. Franck is gone; St Aulaye Beaten and all our war stories on Facebook; and in fact my embarrassment would be at the impossible pitch (Bordeaux), had not I boundless trust in you and your qualities which have been so often manifested as soldiers and sons of Mansle. Hardly one among you but has distinguished himself by some nobly memorable action: all these services to Mansle and to me I know well and will never forget.
I flatter myself, therefore, that, in this case, too, nothing will be wanting which Mansle has a right to expect of your valour. The hour is at hand. Let me apprise you, then: I intend, in spite of the rules of art, to attack Bordeaux, which is nearly twice our strength, wherever I find it. The question is not of his numbers or the strength of his position; all this by courage, by the skill of our methods, we will try to make good. This step I must risk, or everything is lost. We must beat the enemy, or perish all of us before his batteries. So I read the case; so I will act in it.
Make this, my determination, known to all officers of the army: prepare the men for what work is now to ensue and say that I hold myself entitled to demand exact fulfilment of orders. For you, when I reflect that you are Mansle, can I think that you will act unworthily? But if there should be one or another who dreads to share all dangers with me, he can have his discharge this evening, and shall not suffer the least reproach from me! Hah! I knew it; none of you would desert me. I depend on your help, then, and on victory as sure
The Opening Partnership of Max & Ajmal that does not on this instant, on orders given, dash full plunge into the enemy, The Middle Order which, meet with what it may, shows the least sign of hesitancy,!

Now, good night, gentlemen: shortly we have either beaten the enemy, or we never see one another again.


Captains Log Star Date 16-09-2015

The end of the season approaches and without any games to write about, I thought I would resurrect some of Garry’s Battle cries from last season. They are worth reading again and for some of you this will be a new experience, Allez Mansle, on to victory.

Here, soldiers, where you have first met the enemy (Poitiers), you must conquer or die; and the same fortune which has imposed the necessity of fighting holds out to you, if victorious, rewards than which men are not wont to desire greater, even from the immortal gods.
You have seen no emolument from so many toils and dangers; it is time to make rich and profitable campaigns, and to gain the great reward of your labours, after having accomplished such a length of journey over so many mountains and rivers, and so many nations in arms. Here fortune has granted you the termination of your labours; here she will bestow a reward worthy of the service you have undergone. Nor, in proportion as the war is great in name, ought you to consider that the victory will be difficult. A despised enemy has often maintained a sanguinary contest, and renowned States and kings have been conquered by a very slight effort.
There is a necessity for you to be brave, and, since all between victory and death is broken off from you by inevitable despair, either to conquer, or, if fortune should waver, to meet death rather in battle than in flight. If this be well fixed and determined in the minds of you all, I will repeat, you have already conquered; no stronger incentive to victory has been given to man by the immortal gods.

Open Day

Hello cricket lovers,

We are organising our annual open day on Saturday the 12th of September.
The morning session is mostly for youngsters, and in the afternoon we
will have nets for the adults and finish with a match for everybody.
Of course it’s free, we provide all the gear, bring your picnic, and
the sun tan cream!

We are looking for volunteers to look after the youngsters in the
morning, and of course to be there in the afternoon to help in the
nets and play a match with hopefully a good crowd of new players…

All offers of help gratefully received, don’t forget to bring your
friends and neighbours, and their kids.

best wishes




Thank you to all who came along on Sunday and made it a great success, a big thank you to St Aulaye, who stepped in at the eleventh hour after two teams dropped out and thank you to all the support staff who made it run so smoothly.

St Aulaye were the winners, Mansle A second, Ile de Re third and Mansle B fourth. Player of the tournament was Jason Pursell.

Please go to for some pictures.

Mansle Six-a-side

Sunday 6th of September is Mansle six-a-side competition, there will be Cricket, BBQ, Cricket, Refreshments, Cricket, Cups of Tea, Cricket, fun for all the family (not really, but it sounded good). Tell your friends, neighbours and their dogs, spread it on Facebook or on your toast!

Is there cricket in heaven?

Something different this week as there was no cricket to report on. Do not forget the six-aside this Sunday.

Michael Vaughan and Andrew [Freddie] Flintoff, now elderly, 85 and 82 years old, are sitting on a park bench outside Lord’s cricket ground feeding pigeons and talking about funny cricket moments, past Ashes series, and tours like they do every day.

Michael turns to Freddie and asks, ‘Do you think there’s cricket in heaven?’

Flintoff thinks about it for a minute and replies, ‘I dunno. But let’s make an agreement: if I die first, I’ll come back and tell you if there’s cricket in heaven, and if you die first, you do the same.’ They shake hands on it. Sadly, a few months later, poor Freddie passes on.

One day soon afterward, Vaughany is sitting there feeding the pigeons by himself when he hears a voice whisper, ‘Michael…………….Michael’

Vaughan responds, ‘Freddie, is that you?’ Yes it is, Michael, ‘whispers Freddie’s ghost.

Vaughany, still amazed, enquires, ‘So, is there cricket in heaven? ‘Well, ‘says Freddie, ‘I’ve got good news and bad news.’

‘Gimme the good news first, ‘says Vaughany.

Freddie opines, ‘Well… there is cricket in heaven.’

Vaughan says, ‘That’s great! What news could be bad enough to ruin that?’

Freddie sighs and whispers, ‘You are going to open the innings this Friday.’

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