Sunday Practise and AGM

A big thanks to Garry and Tom for organising last Sunday’s practise session, it was a lot of fun although I ache all over still! That will teach me for not playing or going to nets!

Do not forget the AGM is on the 7th of November, it is important you go, as it is a rare opportunity to get your chance to put over your point of view. Also do not forget we will be needing a new treasurer  so all you budding accounts, your services are needed.



Game against Maile is cancelled, but there will be a net Sunday, so come along and have a final workout for winter!

If you click or cut and paste the link below, it will take you to my final video/photo sequence for the season.

Hope to see you Sunday, Phil.

Loire Sunday 11th October

Last Sunday saw the first encounter between Mansle and a team from the Loire, I was elsewhere as usual, so here is the match report in Tom’s words:

“They were terrific. We bowled first, had them 65-4 after 21 overs, some superb bowling from Remi, Garry, Kevin and myself (3 overs, 1 maiden, 3 runs!!) and then they stopped toying with us I guess and after 30 overs finished on 168! We then had a bat and finished on 69 I think, Remi was the only one in double figures. It wasn’t through lack of trying, I was hitting it everywhere, and they just seemed to stop the bloody thing every time! A superb outfit, great batsmen, outstanding fielders, and 11 either 80mph or Shane Warne style bowlers! But a really nice bunch of lads, even helped us pack up at the end!”


Photo’s curtesy of Justin, DJ and part time dog handler (that is only a rumour, no charges have been brought).

Breaking News!

Far more important than Rodgers getting the sack, Dawn and I are returning to the UK, we have a huge new project at work and need to be there on a daily basis. We are not selling our house here and intend to return for holidays/breaks as much as possible, allowing me to continue playing some League games. I will still do the Blog, but will have to rely on everyone to send me pictures, match reports and anything else you want published. I will still be going on tour (if Tom lets me) so no escape from me there either!

I have really enjoyed my 4 years in the beautiful Charente with playing for Mansle being the icing on the cake, this is not goodbye, it is more, thank Christ he’s gone!!!